Positive habits to develop during lockdown | Be prepared While at Home
Home Health 8 Positive habits to develop during lockdown | Be Productive While at Home

8 Positive habits to develop during lockdown | Be Productive While at Home

8 Positive habits to develop during lockdown | Be Productive While at Home
Positive habits to develop during lockdown

It has been a saddening experience and an extremely challenging situation for everyone throughout the globe. COVID -19 virus has damaged the entire planet and almost changed our lifestyle. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the work process in our lives has taken an unforeseen turn and everyone has been working from home in many countries to stop the deadly virus from spreading further.

We have been confined to four walls leaving us with a limited amount of mobility. This, in turn, is making our body inactive, lazy and unfit which also impacts the brain.  Sometimes along with unhealthy habits, we start creating pessimistic thoughts in our head, which initially started due to boredom but,  in some cases may lead to depression, as there are no possibilities of reaching out to someone physically and ask them for help.

As the popular quote says – “We cannot control what’s happening outside but we definitely can control the things happening inside”,  inculcating certain healthy habits will not only benefit us in this lockdown but also after it and might even stay with us lifelong.

9 Productive Things to do

So here are some positive habits to develop during lockdown that can keep your body and mind happy and bring you good health.

household cleaning
household cleaning

1. Household cleaning

We all obviously love to have our homes clean and our rooms organized. During our busy lives before the spread of the coronavirus. We weren’t having enough time to do the household chores or help our parents or spouse with the same.

But, we now have a fair amount of time for cleaning our rooms, the kitchen or say the entire house. This will provide great help to your family members and also provide a sense of satisfaction to us. It works as a passive physical activity to keep you energized. Just put on your favorite songs, pick up the broom and begin.

Spend time on your hobby

2. Spend time on your hobby

This lockdown has been merit to us for very limited things, one of them being some good hours of spare time. If you are too bored of watching Netflix all day or scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed or any other social media, or just tired of checking your e-mails and completing tasks from work all day.

you can spend your spare time practicing your hobby that you almost couldn’t do because of the busy schedule earlier.

You can even share your skills on social media, says YouTube through your channel, and gain some subscribers. This will help your mind to relax and also improve the functioning of the brain and keep it active and, if you’re really lucky, may make you famous. 😂

Regular Exercise
Regular Exercise

3. Regular Exercise

How do I get fit at home? This is the prime solution to every problem related to lethargy, being unfit, or simply improving your overall health. Working out will not only affect your body but will also impact the mind as it increases blood circulation, finally leading healthy cells to reach the brain.

Exercise also keeps your immune system strong and prevents your body from being malignant. You can do many kinds of workouts, be it cardio, aerobics, dancing, or weight training (if you have the necessary equipment at home).

A 30-45 minute cardio workout daily can help you reduce fat easily and keep your body active. Without gym we can do exercises, we have a question for that. How can I stay fit without going to a gym? So here are a few home-based exercises that you can do on a regular basis easily at home –

  • Jump rope / Skipping- This is one of the most fat-burning, cardio workouts. Skipping or jump rope reduces 10 calories per minute, which means that 10 minutes of jump roping can burn 100 calories easily. Apart from this, it also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and boosts concentration skills as it calms your body and mind.
  • Squats –   This can prove to be beneficial for improving your overall body balance along with strengthening your core and lower body. Squatting can help in preventing injuries by making your bones and ligaments stronger. It also helps in reducing excess calories.
  • Core workout – The core muscles of the body not only function the abdominal muscles but also control almost all the muscles of our body except the upper body muscles. The core workout helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles, helps in improving posture control, and also helps the muscle to work together effectively. Few core workouts that you can do at home are planks, crunches, leg raises, toe touches and side planks.
  • Mountain Climbers – This full-body workout is an extremely effective, no equipment, bodyweight workout that helps in improving your heart condition, upper body muscles, core muscles and also increases flexibility and functioning of the muscles.
  • Burpees –   It is a part of the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. It is a hyperefficient cardio workout that helps in improving blood circulation, heart and respiratory conditions, lowers blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol.

Maintaining a balanced diet
Maintaining a balanced diet

4. Maintaining a balanced diet

As all gyms are closed during the lockdown and we’re not even allowed to go for a mere walk outside, there is no one to keep track of our healthy lifestyle and this in turn, has made us lose discipline in our daily routine.

As we now have ample time to test our culinary skills, we tend to make mouth-watering fast foods and cheat on our diet almost every day.

Sometimes we binge eat our favorite dishes without even realizing it. So to avoid this problem, we need to make sure that we keep control of our diet by eating a balanced meal and restricting foods that contain a high amount of sugar, excessive carbs, foods high in cholesterol as these are responsible for causing lethargy and increasing the number of unnecessary fats in our body.

Also, portion control should also be adopted. Portion control means taking such an amount of healthy food that provides the necessary nutrients to our body. We can eat foods rich in fiber and protein that will keep us full for longer periods.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation
Practicing Yoga and Meditation

5. Practicing Yoga and Meditation

Do you practice yoga? Just like daily exercise, we have also heard about the benefits of doing yoga daily. Yoga is known as one of the best forms of relaxing the mind and curing stress. Also, Yoga helps in making the muscles of our body flexible and thus reducing problems such as back pain.

When you start doing yoga on a daily basis. You will find out how has practiced yoga changed your life

It even helps in preventing heart diseases as it controls the blood circulation to the heart by removing the arterial plaque. Apart from these yoga and meditation help in curing asthma as some of the yoga poses teach breathing techniques that improve the respiration process.

The list of benefits of yoga is never-ending and doing yoga for 20-30 minutes every day can keep your mind and body healthy and active.

Talk to your friends and family
Talk to your friends and family

6. Talk to your friends and family

We know that meeting our friends and having all the fun together is not possible during the lockdown. In some cases, people might be away from their family stuck at home making lockdown a pathetic situation where even a place like home feels like a prison.

This propels a feeling of boredom or sadness amongst us and our friends. So it is important to share anything that we feel with our friends and family members and do the same for them.

This will help your or your friend’s or closes one’s mind to get out of any stressful situation and avoid severe issues such as depression keeping you mentally healthy.

Get a good sleep
Get a good sleep

7. Get a good sleep

  • Sleep is an essential need of the body and an average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep which results in keeping the mind and body healthy in many of the following ways –
  • Improves concentration skills and memory also upgrades our productivity.
  • Helps in controlling our mood as a proper amount of sleep helps to channelize our emotions because when we are unable to sleep on time and stay awake till late at night, our brain tends to produce negative emotions which might turn into depression, ultimately creating a pessimistic approach to everything. Thus getting the required amount of sleep can help in preventing depression and boost your mood.
  • Reduces the chances of obesity as lack of sleep leads to a lazy body and less motivation for working out which will eventually make us unfit. So a proper sleep can help your body to stay active all day and stay motivated not only for exercise but for anything that comes to us.
  • Keeps our heart healthy by maintaining a low rate of blood pressure thus enhancing blood circulation in the entire body.
  • Reduces the stress releasing hormones and relaxing our brain. This in turn improves our overall mental health.

Plan for vacation
Plan for vacation

8. Plan for a vacation

While we are sitting idle in our homes and dreaming of going out somewhere and live the good old days that we had before the pandemic. But we all know that this lockdown is not going to last forever. So, we can turn our wishes of having a nice vacation into a reality by making an exciting and memorable plan for a vacation.

It will increase the functioning of the mind by keeping it active during free time. It can also be a stress buster as planning for a good vacation will generate good thoughts in our brain and keep it relaxed.

Healthy habits to build in lockdown
Healthy habits to build in lockdown

We hope that you are interested in practicing the above-mentioned activities. Our article has helped in some way in guiding you to find a solution to the problem of keeping your body and mind healthy.

We wish that you are living a happy life and are in the pink of health. For more such content please visit our page www.nurtureify.com for more such content and please share it with your friends and family.

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