Highest protein 8 Power-Packed vegetarian food

Packed vegetarian food
Packed vegetarian food

Protein is an essential nutrient required by the human body. This is because it aids the human body in several aspects majorly in muscle and bone building , controlling gene activity, regulating the tissues and organs for their smooth functioning and many ancillary activities relating to the regular functioning of the body. Highest protein 8 Power-Packed vegetarian food

You must have heard from many people around you that non-vegetarian food is packed with protein or that vegetarian food doesn’t provide as much protein as some  non-vegetarian high protein foods item.

This creates a confusion or dilemma for vegetarians as to what  should be consumed to get their necessary protein for the day.


So in today’s content , we have listed 8 best vegetarian food items rich in protein for our friends who do not fancy eating meat at all and help them get their necessary intake of protein without having to change their plant-based eating habit.

power pack vegetarian food rich protein diet
power pack vegetarian food rich protein diet

8 Highest Protein Vegetarian diet

Protein Diet Lentils ( Dal ) –

This ingredient is a part of the everyday meal for majority of Indian population. Lentils are one of the best plant-based sources of  protein and the ideal consumption of it is suggested to be 18 gms. (cooked up) per 240 ml. It can also be used in making salads and soups

It also contains a good amount of folate , manganese and iron.

 Apart from providing protein , this gives

50% of the ideal daily requirement of fiber  to body and this fiber provides good bacteria in your colon resulting in nourishing the gut and making it healthy.

Also , lentils help in lowering the risk of heart disease , fat or excess weight and cancer.

Beans for high Protein –

Beans like chickpea (chhole) or kidney beans (rajma) also contain high amount of protein , which is about 15 gms. of protein per cooked up serving. It is also a highly recommended source for complex carbs.

Beans help in reducing cholesterol , control blood sugar levels , lower blood pressure and cut belly fat.

Soy (Soya) for rich diet –

It was concluded by the U.S Institute of Health that soy is  completely constituted with protein making it a protein power-pack. Although being introduced by Mahatma Gandhi ,this  food item is not really popular among the Indian households.

It is a high-protein and inexpensive vegetarian food item which is strongly recommended for vegetarians to get their necessary amount of protein.

Lose weight eating only nuts –

Although it is rumored to be full of fat , but this isn’t completely true . Nuts contain a good amount of unsaturated fat and also contain a fair amount of protein that is actually essential for your body.

These tend to keep you filled up for  longer duration and lowers your BMI , increase life expectancy and control blood sugar levels. You can include nuts like cashew, peanut , almonds and pistachios as a snacking item to make sure that you get required amount of protein daily.

Quinoa quality high protein foods –

Quinoa is basically a seed that is full of protein. This is because of the fact that about 1/4th cup of uncooked quinoa contains an estimated 8 -gms. of protein.

This can be an excellent substitute for starchy rice and pasta. Quinoa can be cooked like upma , used in salad or veggies.

Tofu is good for you –

It is a food item that is made from soya beans and soya beans are loaded with protein . It contains about 10-19 gms.of protein per 100 gms.

Tofu doesn’t taste that delicious but it will take the flavor of the spices in which it is cooked , making it good for your taste-buds. Tofu also gives your body essential amino acids that aids your body in maintaining muscle growth and strength.

Greek Yogurt –

It contains about 10 gms.of protein per 100 gms.of serving. It also

provides your body with calcium and is a probiotic component making it essential for both your bones and the gut.

Greek yogurt can be added to smoothies or taken directly and it is suggested to eat plain Greek yogurt as the flavored one contains sugar.

Eat cottage cheese ( Paneer ) everyday –

This the most popular source of protein among vegetarians as it contains about 23 gms.of protein per 100 gms.

Homemade cottage cheese is the best source of protein as per experts. Paneer also contains fats , magnesium , iron and calcium which are again highly beneficial for your body.

This is also a highly recommended item for weight control since it keeps you full for long and does not make you indulge in untimely and unhealthy eating .


Packed vegetarian food
Packed vegetarian food

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